Question – What’s the difference between Service Pack and Service Offer?

Answer by Doug Tedder ITIL 4 defines a service offering as a description of one or more services, designed to meet the needs of a target consumer group.  This could include any combination of service actions, access to resources, or a transfer of goods. ITIL V3 described a “service package”,… Read More

Is it possible to find out which questions you missed on an ITIL exam?

ITIL Exam results do not share the exact question one misses due to exam confidentiality. You do however get some feedback, but only by section. For example, if there were 8 questions in a section and you scored 5 correctly you would get 62.5% for that section. You can then… Read More

Is MALC Valuable Now That ITIL 4 Is Out?

Yes, there is information provided in the MALC class that we believe will be invaluable to you as you launch into ITIL 4.  Here are 3 key things MALC brings to the party: MALC focuses on the interfaces between the 26 processes (integration of the best practices). MALC offers a… Read More

Will ITIL 4 Solve the Biggest Challenge of ITIL’s Past?

The release of the ITIL® 4 Foundation volume in February 2019 has generated a lot of industry buzz.  This long-awaited update, announced in the fall of 2017, is the first revision to the popular IT Service Management (ITSM) framework in nearly eight years. ITIL 4 contains many concepts that will be… Read More

What is the difference between and “output” and an “outcome” ?

This is a great question.  I think everyone has that question! Outputs tend to be elements that make up a desired, overall outcome. For example (and I’ll steal the reference from “ITIL Practitioner” — a couple getting married wants the outcome of ‘a wedding of lifetime.’ Various outputs to achieve that… Read More

Are Process Activities In The ITIL V3 Publications Valid Now That ITIL 4 Is Here?

Corde asks, “What are your suggestions for ITSM oriented organizations and students regarding referring to processes activities in the 45 ITIL V3 2011 books now that ITIL 4 has been released?” Hi Corde, good question and right now my best answer is that you can’t go wrong with the information… Read More